July 13, 2021

Paper accepted to TOPS and Best Paper at CPSS

SSL is proud to announce two recent achievements:

Paper accepted to TOPS

We were recently notified of the acceptance of our paper “#PrettyFlyForAWiFi: Real-World Detection of Privacy Invasion Attacks by Drones” (Simon Birnbach, Richard Baker, Simon Eberz, Ivan Martinovic) to the ACM’s Transactions on Privacy and Security journal.

Best Paper Award at CPSS’21

Our paper “You talkin’ to me? Exploring Practical Attacks on Controller Pilot Data Link Communications” (Joshua Smailes, Daniel Moser, Matthew Smith, Martin Strohmeier, Vincent Lenders, Ivan Martinovic) won best paper at the Cyber-Physical System Security Workshop, held in conjunction with ACM AsiaCCS virtually in June 2021.

At the same workshop, we also presented our paper “MoveAR: Continuous Biometric Authentication for Augmented Reality Headsets” (Arman Bhalla, Ivo Sluganovic, Klaudia Krawiecka, Ivan Martinovic).

Meanwhile, over at AsiaCCS, James Pavur presented “On Detecting Deception in Space Situational Awareness” (James Pavur, Ivan Martinovic) and Michal Piskozub presented “MalPhase: Fine-Grained Malware Detection Using Network Flow Data (Michal Piskozub, Fabio de Gaspari, Freddie Barr-Smith, Luigi Mancini, Ivan Martinovic).