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Systems Security Lab

The Systems Security Lab is a research group at the University of Oxford, headed by Professor Ivan Martinovic. Our work covers a range of topics in authentication, Internet of Things, malware, machine learning and large-scale infrastructure.

As part of our research we are a founding member of OpenSky, a participatory sensor network which aims at collecting real-world air transportation communication data, such as ADS-B/Mode-S at large scale (covering over 720,000 km² in Europe). It offers insights into the ADS-B communication channel, characterising typical reception quality and loss patterns in the real world. It is intended to serve researchers from different areas as a solid basis for realistic evaluations and simulations.

Recent News

June 23, 2022

SSL tours East Asia

Stop 1: ACM AsiaCCS 2022 in Nagasaki, Japan

After a long time without conference travel, Dr. Richard Baker, Martin Georgiev and Sebastian Köhler were able to present their work in person at the 17th ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM AsiaCCS 2022) in Nagasaki, Japan.

April 08, 2022

Brokenwire in the news

Group members Sebastian Köhler and Richard Baker recently made the headlines after their work on Brokenwire garnered some press attention. So far, their work has appeared in:

The attack was also covered by Oxford’s Department of Computer Science recently and a larger feature will appear in the department’s Inspired Research magazine shortly.

March 30, 2022

Electric vehicles vulnerable to attack that disrupts charging

Research by Sebastian Köhler and Richard Baker on an attack on electric vehicle charging - which they have dubbed ‘Brokenwire’ - has been spotlighted on the Oxford Department of Computer Science website.

Read the article here and visit the new Brokenwire website.