• System Security Lab (SSL)

Systems Security Lab

The Systems Security Lab is a research group at the University of Oxford, headed by Professor Ivan Martinovic. Our work covers a range of topics in authentication, Internet of Things, malware, machine learning and large-scale infrastructure.

As part of our research we are a founding member of OpenSky, a participatory sensor network which aims at collecting real-world air transportation communication data, such as ADS-B/Mode-S at large scale (covering over 720,000 km² in Europe). It offers insights into the ADS-B communication channel, characterising typical reception quality and loss patterns in the real world. It is intended to serve researchers from different areas as a solid basis for realistic evaluations and simulations.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Security of infrastructure systems (automotive, satellite and aviation)

Internet of Things

Research solutions to secure the entire life cycle of IoT devices.


Exploring novel biometrics (such as eye movements, touch dynamics or PPG) and analysing the security of existing systems.

Malware and Network Security

Research on Malware analysis, detection and classification.

Recent News

February 24, 2021

Papers accepted to IEEE S&P and USENIX

SSL is proud to be represented at both IEEE Security & Privacy and the USENIX Security Symposium this year.

Freddie Barr-Smith will be presenting his paper (co-authored with Xabier Ugarte-Pedrero, Mariano Graziano, former SSL member Riccardo Spolaor and SSL head Ivan Martinovic) on “Survivalism: Systematic Analysis of Windows Malware Living-Off-The-Land” at IEEE S&P 2021, which runs from 23-27 May; and at the USENIX Security Symposium, held on 11-13 August, Giulio Lovisotto will be presenting “SLAP: Improving Physical Adversarial Examples with Short-Lived Adversarial Peturbations.” This has been co-authored with SSL’s Henry Turner, Ivo Sluganovic and Ivan Martinovic, as well as SSL alumnus Martin Strohmeier.

Both conferences will be taking place virtually and videos will be posted here when available.

November 09, 2020

SSL member Klaudia Krawiecka wins awards at Data Science for All

SSL’s own Klaudia Krawiecka, along with fellow Department of Computer Science and OxWoCS member Alina Petrova, are part of a team which has won two awards at the Data Science for All’s Women’s Summit, held virtually in October. In order to participate, Klaudia and Alina had to become Data Science Fellows by passing an interview and a machine learning test.

November 02, 2020

SSL creates Oxford's 200th spinout company PhishAR

The University of Oxford, through its research commercialisation arm Oxford University Innovation, has created its 200th company based on academic research, PhishAR.

PhishAR builds on the work of Professor Ivan Martinovic and Dr Ivo Sluganovic from Oxford’s Department of Computer Science, and employs augmented reality to crack down on “phishing”, an online scamming technique which fools a user into handing over their digital security credentials and other sensitive information, such as personal data or credit card details.